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Your Personalized Dental Treatment Plan

We pride ourselves in our dedication and commitment to putting patients first. We treat people, not teeth. The quality of the relationships we have with each and every patient is what matters most. Each time you visit us, expect a rewarding experience. Welcome to Smiles on Citrus Dentistry.


As you walk into our office, you will find yourself in a comfortable reception lounge and not an ordinary waiting room. Someone from our team will personally greet you with the choice of bottled water or gourmet coffee or tea. Next you will enter into our private consultation room for an introductory conversation. After that you will get an office tour that will reassure you of the care we take in maintaining our practice and orient you to your new “dental home.”


Dr. Lee will welcome you and take the time to listen to all of your concerns and goals. She will always offer easy-to-understand, straight-forward answers. Then she will perform a complete evaluation of your dental health, with full mouth digital x-ray and thorough oral exam. She will also review your dental and medical health history forms. Dr. Lee will then develop a personalized Healthy Smile, Healthy Life™ treatment plan to create long-lasting dental health.

If you have not seen a dentist in over a year we normally do not schedule your cleaning at the first visit. That allows Dr. Lee to evaluate your teeth and gums to recommend the type of cleaning and amount of time needed for your cleaning visit with our hygienist.

At the end of your first visit, our office manager will assist you to understand your insurance coverage and financial options. Then she will help you to schedule appointments that use your time effectively and address your priorities.